"The 53rd Annual CMA Awards"

Media Credential Application

CMA Awards
November 13, 2019


1. CMA Awards media credential applications must be submitted on behalf of your media organization; not on behalf of you as an individual. Do not file multiple applications on behalf of your organization or the prospective members of your crew. Additional applications will not be considered for media credentials.  If CMA is able to grant credentials to your organization, separate instructions will be sent regarding how to credential your crew.  One media credential application must be submitted per outlet.

2. Credential requests are evaluated each year.  Being approved for credentials for past CMA-related events does not mean your organization will be credentialed again this year.  Being denied for credentials previously does not mean your organization will be denied this year.

3. Submitting an application does not guarantee your organization will be approved for media credentials.

4. If your credential application is approved, every individual in the approved crew must be present to pick up their credential.  Each approved crew member must provide a valid government-issued photo ID onsite prior to picking up their credential and during the event.  All credentialed crew members must be able to present ID at any time.  ID must match the name on the credential.

5. All persons, any and all equipment, backpacks, tote bags, etc. at the CMA Awards will be subject to search by security personnel.

You, as the credential application coordinator for your organization, will be notified via email.  You must use a valid company email address.  Generic email addresses (i.e. AOL, Hotmail, Gmail, etc.) will be reviewed on a case by case basis.  If your request is approved, you will receive instructions for providing the required identification information for the individuals to be credentialed.  Your notification will also include important information and forms that must be shared with the individuals who will be receiving credentials.

If you have any questions on the above Terms and Conditions, please email

Please do NOT submit more than ONE application per outlet/platform.  If your outlet has different teams for digital vs. editorial vs. on-air, please specify exactly which platform you're applying for.  If your outlet is approved, the applicant submitted below will receive another form to provide crew names.

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Provide links to coverage of past CMA Awards and/or CMA-related events, preferably the most recent years. If you've never covered, please provide links to recent published work relative to the topic (music, Country, entertainment, etc.): *
* If you're a blogger, social media influencer, etc., please provide links to your personal social media accounts below.
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Provide your organization's highly detailed pre-CMA Awards plan for now through November 13 (i.e. nominee stories, winner predictions, preview content, etc.). These plans will be taken into strong consideration when processing your credential request: *
Provide your organization's Red Carpet day of CMA Awards plan. Please be as detailed as possible. These coverage plans will be taken into strong consideration when processing your credential request: *
Are there any live aspects to your Red Carpet and/or CMA Awards coverage plans? (This could include live social media updates, live streaming, live television, etc.). If yes, check boxes of platform(s) you will be using for live coverage. If no, please check "N/A" *

What is your crew size? *
Please note: Media space at the CMA Awards is limited and in high demand.  Submitting this application does not guarantee approval of media credentials.

The primary purpose of the CMA Awards media credential application is to establish communication and contact for your media organization's credential contact (you).

Determination of your organization's approved media opportunities onsite during the CMA Awards is at the discretion of CMA.

This application is not intended as a means to request a specific number of credentials in various areas.  It is for your outlet as a whole to be considered.  If CMA's media team determines your organization is approved to cover a particular position, it will grant a predetermined number of credentials to your organization.

In the event that CMA is able to grant your organization media access, CMA will determine the location(s) and type of position(s) based on CMA resources and objectives, as well as your organization's intent and ability to cover the event.

CMA Awards media areas include the pre-show Red Carpet and backstage media booths and press conference.  These are separate areas and access to one does not constitute access to the other(s).

CMA may provide other credential types to facilitate other media opportunities and uses.  Information regarding these credentials will be communicated to approved organizations directly.

Please use the button below to submit your application for review.  You will receive a receipt of this submission within 24 hours.  If you have not received this submission receipt after 24 hours, please contact CMApress@cmaworld.com.

If you need to make adjustments to this application after submitting, please email CMApress@cmaworld.com.  DO NOT FILE AN ADDITIONAL APPLICATION ONLINE - adjustments should be made via e-mail correspondence only.

Thank you,
CMA Communications Team